A Guide To Mayfair’s Michelin-Starred Restaurants

A Guide To Mayfair’s Michelin-Starred Restaurants

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Very first Michelin guide book

Mayfair is blessed with many great aspects. You could find some of the most luxurious apartment properties in London residing within its proximity. Then there’s its amazing selection of amenities – Mayfair certainly isn’t a place in which you’d struggle to find something to keep yourself entertained with. Stretches like Bond Street are home to classy boutiques from some of the world’s most renowned fashion houses – such as Gucci, Armani and Chanel.

And all that’s before we even get started on the cinemas and theaters of the nearby West End. It’s also home to some of the best restaurants in the UK. Michelin-starred restaurants at that.

In terms of the Michelin Red Guide, Michelin stars are awarded each year to those restaurants that meet the highest quality standards. But where did they originate from? How did one of the biggest tyre manufacturers get involved in producing restaurant guides?

The Origins of the Michelin Star

The guide was produced with the aim of selling more tyres. But how does that work, you ask?

Back in early 20th century France there were very few cars on the road – less than 3,000. And with this there was a much lower demand for car tyres, of which Michelin specialise in. So, Andre and Edouard Michelin decided to create a guide that would make motoring more appealing to motorists by highlighting hotels and petrol stations. At first this was given away for free.

By 1911 the guide had crossed the channel and taken-off in Britain. And just 15 years later, the company recognised that people had developed an interest in fine dining. With this it started employing inspectors (or early critics) to go and review restaurants in the locations covered by the guide. However, by the time the Second World War had commenced, the guide had been halted, and didn’t go into production in Britain again until 1974.

Here are just some of the Mayfair restaurants with Michelin stars.

Mayfair’s Restaurants With Michelin Stars

Benares, Mayfair

A restaurant opened by Atul Kochhar, Benares specialises in unique combinations. His primary inspiration is derived from the cuisine of his native India. However, he puts a twist on his dishes by using British ingredients – resulting in a delectable modern take on Indian cuisine. Its menu includes a whole host of options. Enjoy mongsho ghugni – a dish of English lamb roasted with Calcutta-style chick pea and pickled baby artichokes – pan fried sea bass served with beetroot and coconut sauce, amongst many others.

Kai. Mayfair

Like Benares, Kai also puts a modern spin on its chosen style of cuisine – Chinese. It strikes a balance between the traditional favourites and the more experimental dishes associated with modern cuisine. The restaurant was opened in the early 90s and has established itself as a firm favourite amongst diners in Mayfair. Its menu changes on a consistent basis, accommodating the latest creations of head chef, Alex Chow. Currently, highlights on its menu include Lobster & Lobster – lobster cooked in a variety of fantastic Cantonese flavours served with shallots, poached noodles and cress – and the Amedei Chocolate Fondant With Pistachios – an amazing way to end a meal.

Louisa Jenkins is a writer. And in her spare time she loves nothing more than eating at Mayfair’s fantastic assortment of restaurants and then writing about the dishes she’s indulged in. Learn more about Mayfair and its restaurants here.
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